Admissions: M-F 8:30AM – 7:00PM (ET)
Admissions Process: Individual Course(s)

At Advanced Academics Online School, you can register at any time. We are enrolling year-round. If you are interested in taking one or two individual courses through our school, please read below to understand our Individual Course(s) admissions process.

1. Choose the Courses You Want to Take.
  • We offer a full selection of online courses – everything you need to stay on track.
2. Register Easily.
  • Register online for your convenience
  • Talk with an Admissions Advisor toll-free – 1-866-925-1238
3. Begin Your Course(s)!

You will be granted access into your courses via a welcome email with all of the necessary information to log-in and begin learning. You’re on your way to a diploma!

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